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Over 20 years experience advising the telecom industry
StoverLaw has deep expertise regarding the international, competitive telecommunications market that emerged from the historic break-up of AT&T as a result of the 1974 antitrust lawsuit by the U.S. Department of Justice. The firm's principal, Glenn Stover, spent the early years of his career as a Justice Department antitrust attorney. He left the Department to join the Law Division of the post-divestiture AT&T, where he provided regulatory, commercial and antitrust legal advice and representation to the corporation. His understanding of industry economics is deep and grounded not only in an understanding of the technical challenges facing players in today's communications marketplace, but in the underlying economics of networks. During his seventeen years at AT&T, he gained a deep understanding of what drives the competitive telecom market--and the challenges to competition that incumbent monopolists continue to pose on a daily basis.

A law firm that understands your business
Launching into today's telecom market without a firm like StoverLaw in your corner is like riding a motorcycle at 70 miles an hour on the freeway without a helmet: it may be momentarily thrilling, but the dangers are serious. StoverLaw can advise you not only on the legal rights of, and challenges to, competitive market participants, but also on the day-to-day technical and practical problems that every competitor must face. It is daunting, indeed, for companies to deal with the many-tentacled and deep-pocketed incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs), but StoverLaw can help make the gauntlet that ILECs make you run more manageable. The firm's clients include a number of competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs), whose business plans address distinctly different market segments within today's increasingly segmented telecom marketplace. The firm can help you tailor your business plan and your company's operations to maximize the number of customers you attract--and their satisfaction with your service--while avoiding costly errors that threaten industry participants at every turn.

A national presence and a broad knowledge of telecom regulation
The firm appears at the regulatory commissions of twenty five states, including all of the states with MSA's in the top 100, as well as at the Federal Communications Commission. Located in San Francisco, the StoverLaw appears most often at the California Public Utilities Commission but is ready to represent your company wherever you need counsel. If you are a:

  • Competitive local exchange carrier
  • Long distance (interexchange) carrier
  • Cable television company with an interest in telephony
  • Wireless carrier
  • Telecom industry association, or a
  • Telecom equipment manufacturer

StoverLaw is uniquely positioned to be your one-stop shop for both legal and business advice.


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